Kendra Morris – “Woman”

Kendra Morris – “Woman”

Music Video (Director/Editor/VFX)

When approached by Kendra Morris to do the video for “WOMAN”, we immediately wanted do something narrative and influenced by the work of David Lynch which we thought matched the cinematic themes in the song. We love Lynch’s interplay of friendly composition juxtaposed with danger. Our interpretation somehow resulted in bathroom selfies and dark back alleys.

For most of us there’s been a person in our past that we love to hate. In this video the “woman” unknowingly becomes a victim to our protagonist’s obsession. These days we consume far too much of our lives in social media judging from a distance people we might never meet. This harsh eye teetering on the brink hatred and jealously can drive one to literal insanity. We had fun exploring this idea to the intensity of absurdity, while remaining in the realm of possibility.

Starring Kendra Morris as “The Stalker”
Featuring as Sara Cicilian as “Woman” and Derek Flint as “Man”
Production Company: Brilliant Champions (

Directed By: Joe Lumbroso
Written By: Jillian Mackintosh
Produced By: Brilliant Champions
Creative Director: Jillian Mackintosh
Assistant Director: Alex Huebsch
Cinematography: Chevy Anderson
Assistant Camera: Kyle Forbes
Steadicam Operator: Brendan Poutier
Gaffer: Dan Debrey
Grips: John DePinto, Ben Potter
Art Director: Jillian Mackintosh
Art Department: Marlena Pavich-Bellande
Styling: Madeline Moore & LadySmyth
Make-Up: Sasha Yefremova
Hair: Melissa Dineen
Production Assistant: Tyrone Tanous
Editing: Jesse Chandler & Joe Lumbroso
Titles/VFX: Joe Lumbroso
Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich at Company 3

Special Thanks: Marni Zimmerman at Panavision, Eastlands in Bushwick, Lindwood Diner and John Kersten.

Filmed using Panavision® Cameras & Lenses
Grip + Electric provided by Lightbulb Grip
Public domains clips from the Prelinger Archives and Dementia 13.