GGFO – “You’re the one for me”

Music Video (Director / Editor / Motion Graphics)

Official music video for “You’re The One For Me” by Great Good Fine Ok from ‘Body Diamond’ EP.

When The Wild Honey Pie approached me about making a music video for Brooklyn locals Great Good Fine Ok, I was ecstatic! I had worked with the band before and became a fan instantly after hearing them preform. Lead singer Jon Sandler had come up with the idea of shooting a spin class themed video in which he and his bandmate Luke would play the coaches as well as all the characters attending the class. That was his first mistake. “Those were some of the hardest days of my life.” Sandler said in an interview. A mentor of mine once told me “the true job of a director is coming up with the most torturous scenarios you could possibly put your actors through.” I was able to realize this directive by putting the boys on exercise bikes for eight hours a day for two days straight.

The wardrobe and make-up departments really came through creating the various spectacular costumes which helped the guys completely and entirely embody their characters. The production staff comprised of regular TWHP crew delivered outstanding work rivaled only by the fantastic performances of the band. We hope you have as much fun watching this video as we did making it.

Directed By: Joe Lumbroso (Brilliant Champions)
Produced By: Joe Mischo (Fourwind Films) & Jon Lurie
Cinematography: Zachary Kertesz
Camera Tech: Minwoo Park
Gaffer: Blake Horn
Grip: Dylan Endyke
Wardrobe: Marlena Pavich & Katya Stepanova
Executive Producer: Eric Weiner
Associate Producer: Alex Litke
Hair & Makeup: Durrell Morgan
Choreography: Nicole Von Arx
Editors: Jesse Chandler & Joe Lumbroso
VFX: Blair Kelly & Joe Lumbroso
DIT: Fourwind Films
Colorist: Joe Lumbroso
Story by: Jon Lurie, Jon Sandler & Eric Weiner
Stand Ins: Ethan Young, Joe Mischo, Dylan Endyke, Jon Lurie & Alex Litke.
Featuring: Walter Wexley Waggington as himself

Production Company: The Wild Honey Pie